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Health Provisions in the $1.9 Trillion COVID Relief Bill


After bouts of back and forth as well as countless attempts to pass other measures, such as raising the federal minimum wage and unemployment benefits, the Biden administration’s flagship COVID -19 relief plan in the form of The American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act was passed on March 11, 2021.

Foremost to the package is it being a form of expansion to the reach of the Affordable Care Act. Thus, aside from the $1,400 stimulus payments to Americans, it also includes healthcare provisions.

As your trusted provider of healthcare training and consulting services at Premier Healthcare Service, we’re listing down some key healthcare provisions you need to know:

  • Vaccines
    The act covers the development and surveillance of vaccines and therapeutics, vaccine education, operating clinics and mobile units, and more.
  • Testing
    The act expands on COVID-19 testing, contact tracing, surveillance, and mitigation, and other strategies.
  • Workforce
    The act aims to address health disparities and employ more contract tracers, community health workers, nurses and lab personnel, and other providers of healthcare services.
  • Affordable Care Act and Insurance
    The act gives completely subsidized health insurance premiums for individuals 150% above the federal poverty level.
  • Health and Well-Being
    The act provides a temporary increase to the child tax credit and the 5% Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program as well as rental assistance and housing vouchers.

What provisions will have a direct effect on you? As a provider of medical staffing in Virginia ourselves, we are looking at the provisions on a workforce to benefit us.

For more entries like these, make sure to check back. We are experts in all things consulting and healthcare staffing in Chesapeake, Virginia. Get in touch with us to know more about our services today.

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